August 2017

My Home Won’t Sell! Why?! Part II

Are you having difficulty selling a home in Duluth, MN?  If so, there’s a strong probability that one (or more) of the below reasons is why your home isn’t selling.  If you’d like to discuss your home sale with a…

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My Home Won’t Sell! Why?! Part I

Once a homeowner decides that it’s the right time to sell their home, they want exactly that, to sell their home.  Every home sellers worst nightmare is that their home doesn’t sell and it becomes an expired real estate listing. Before…

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Actions to Take While Searching for Your New Home

Finding a property can take a long time in this market. But there are lots of things that you can work on while you’re looking for your next deal. Have a specific area to target When you are first starting…

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Relocating? Why you’ll love it!

Community – A Great Reason To Move To Duluth, MN! One thing about Duluth that is great is that it has a feel of a small town in a large city.  It is a city where you it’s likely to have…

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