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My Home Won’t Sell! Why?! Part I

Once a homeowner decides that it’s the right time to sell their home, they want exactly that, to sell their home.  Every home sellers worst nightmare is that their home doesn’t sell and it becomes an expired real estate listing. Before a home becomes an expired listing, the homeowner will ask themselves, “how come my home isn’t selling?”  There can be hundreds of reasons why a home isn’t selling, some more common than others.

In this article you’re going to discover the top reasons why your home isn’t selling.  If your home isn’t selling, make sure one of the following reasons isn’t holding you back.  

It’s Priced Too High!

Arguably the most important factor to whether a home sells or not is the price.  If you’re wondering why your home isn’t selling, the first thing you need to ask yourself is if your home is priced too high. Overpricing a home can be the kiss of death when selling a home.  Overpricing a home can actually cost a seller money in the long run. Before pricing your home, you should understand how the market value of a home is determined.  An experienced real estate professional doesn’t recommend a listing price by pulling a number out of a hat.


Lack of Exposure

The amount of exposure a home receives when it’s for sale can make a huge impact on whether it sells and also on how much it sells for.  If your home isn’t selling, it’s possible that it’s lacking marketing exposure. There are many real estate marketing strategies that top agents utilize when marketing their listings.  With the majority of home buyers using the internet to shop for homes, it’s critical that your home is available everywhere online. Not only is it critical it’s able to be found everywhere online, it needs to catch the attention of potential buyers and stand out from other homes for sale.  This means that the quality of listing photos and video must be top notch.

Condition is Poor

The quickest way to scare away potential home buyers is to leave your home in poor condition.  If your home is in poor condition and there are clearly repairs that have been neglected, there is a good chance that is why your home isn’t selling.  Items such as water stains on ceilings, damaged or missing roof shingles, dry rot, uneven flooring, and cracks in the homes foundation are all common indicators of a home that is in poor condition.  These items are red flags to look for when buying a home and you better believe potential buyers will continue looking if your home has any of these issues.

It Doesn’t Show Well

When selling a home, there is only one chance to make a great first impression on potential home buyers.  Another reason why your home isn’t selling is because it potentially isn’t showing well.  Neglecting to prepare for showings and leaving your house looking like a fraternity house is not going to bode well for the success of your home sale. There are some obvious ways to prepare a home for showings such as picking up clothing, making the beds, and cleaning the floors, but there could be other reasons why your home isn’t showing well.

Foul Odors

Even a novice home buyer knows that as they walk through a home they should be giving it the “smell test.”  If there are foul odors in your home, it’s possibly the reason why your home isn’t selling. There are several types of foul odors that buyers can pick up on.  A few of the most common odors that can have a buyer running away from a home include cigarette smoke odor, pet odor, food odor, and even odors resulting from moisture such as mold.

Stay tuned for more tips on this next week!