May 2017

The Monetary Benefits of Owning a Home

For potential homeowners, the decision to buy a home is one of the largest financial decisions they will ever make. The decision can often times be driven by emotions. However, we would like to help you by quantifying some of…

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Buying? Is it better than renting?

We all know the phrase ” The American Dream.” For much of history and even today, owning a home was considered part of this American Dream scenario, the whole white picket fence picture.  There are many obvious benefits of owning…

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Preparing To Buy Your First Home!

Are you thinking of buying your first home? While it’s exciting to shop around for a place to call your own, buying a house can also be an intimidating process! Before making the biggest investment of your life, learn more about…

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Home Buying Tips-New Construction

First things First! Decide Whether To Build A New Home Or Buy Existing Buying a new construction home can be very different than buying an existing home in an established neighborhood. So, what questions and considerations you should make when deciding…

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