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Home Buying Tips-New Construction

First things First! Decide Whether To Build A New Home Or Buy Existing

Buying a new construction home can be very different than buying an existing home in an established neighborhood.

So, what questions and considerations you should make when deciding whether to buy a new construction home? Image result for new construction

  1. Do you want full customization of the home you purchase?
  2. Does resale value matter to you?
  3. Do you have time to wait for the build time?
  4. Do you want to live in a developed or new neighborhood?

Make Sure to Hire a Real Estate Agent with New Construction Experience

There are many reasons to have an experienced real estate agent when buying new construction than not having an agent.


Understand The Process

It’s very important for new construction home buyers that they fully understand the process.  There are a lot of things happening all at once when it comes to building a new home. This fantastic step by step guide to building a new home gives a detailed overview of 10 steps involved in the process.

Take a Look at your Local Home Builders

Choosing the home builder is a very important step! Probably the most important or essential step in the new construction home buying process.  There are plenty of home builders to choose from but you want to make sure you choose the right one for you.  It’s important for buyers to understand how to choose a home builder so they can avoid making a very costly mistake.

Another noteworthy tip to consider when choosing a home builder is to talk with homeowners whose home has been built by the potential builder.  It’s a great way to find out what these homeowners love about their new home and also what they wish was different.

Negotiate The Best Price, Terms, & Features

Once a buyer determines where and who will build their new home, it’s now time to negotiate the details of the build.  It’s not as simple as determining the offer price, closing date, inspections, and personal property that’ll be included in the sale, there are many more steps involved when you are building and designing a custom new home.

When negotiating the purchase of a new construction home, a buyer decides what specifications they want in their home, what upgrades they want or do not want, what additional square footage they want added, along with many other things.

Home builders will have pricing in place for specific upgrades, such as adding solid surface counter tops in the bathrooms.  While some builders will indicate that the prices are set prices, in most cases, there is room for negotiations on these prices.  Other things that new construction home buyers should consider negotiating include appliance budgets, window covering budgets, and landscaping budgets.

Perform A Home Inspection

Don’t Skip The Home Inspection When Buying A New Construction Home! There are many reasons to have a home inspection when buying a home, but not there may not be as many for a new construction home. However! Just because a home is being newly built doesn’t mean things can’t be missed or improperly built.

New construction home buyers need to realize that having a home inspection is still highly recommended, working with a qualified real estate agent will help to ensure you get this done!


Building a new home requires a buyer to be very involved and buyers who follow these tips will greatly improve the chance that their experience is not only enjoyable but successful!