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Tips For First Time Home Sellers

You can find a lot of different advice on the internet for first time home buyers, but what about if you are selling a home for the first time?! This  can often be just as tricky as buying a home for the first time, or maybe in some cases even more complicated!Image result for sell your home fast

So what should you make sure you do?

First: Prepare Your Home For The Market

Before selling a home, it’s important to make sure your home is show-ready as soon as it’s listed for sale. One big thing you can do to prepare is have a home inspection completed before the house is listed for sale. If you are on top of correcting any problems that an inspector finds before listing your home for sale you can  be sure to decrease the chance that a deal may fall through due to an unwanted, unforeseen issue being found during the inspection stage.

Second: Hire A Top Listing Agent (Lake Superior Real Estate Team!)

This is where we can really help! Give the team and Lake Superior Real Estate a call we understand that selling a home is not an easy task! For sale by owners, also known as FSBOs, have a failure rate of 85%-95%.  It’s important to understand that not all real estate agents are the equal, pick the right one to help you and your needs!

So you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I ensure they are working with a top producing listing agent?” Ask the right questions! How long have you been in the Duluth real estate market? What marketing plans separate you from the other agents? How many homes are you currently listing? Don’t worry, we can answer them all!

Third: Don’t forget to Price Your Home Correctly!

Many first time home sellers don’t understand the importance of correctly pricing their home, and that’s okay! That is why you hire a professional. But here’s what you should know, the number one reason a home doesn’t sell in real estate is because the property is incorrectly priced. You will need a true seasoned real estate agent who is confident in the local market can obtain the best value for your home.

Everyone knows it can definitely be an overwhelming process to sell your home but hopefully withe these tips and our help, it will be easier than you think!  Put Lake Superior Real Estate in your corner today by calling (218) 722-2810 and guarantee you will have a much greater chance of a smooth and successful home sale