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Sell Your Lake Superior Real Estate! One Room at a Time!

How about we start with the heart of your home! The kitchen! When you are selling any piece of lake superior real estate, or any real estate really, there are some rooms that buyers tend to key in on: Kitchen, Bath, Living room and Dining room. These roo
ms are crucial! Think about it this way, it is more than just making your home look good, it’s about increasing the show quality of your home in order to close in as little time as possible!

Pretend it’s not yours!

We know this is hard! Everyone becomes accustom to familiar surroundings. The first challenge for the seller is to step back and imagine the home you’re selling is NOT your own. Walk through and make a make a cleaning list.


The first thing you need to do is decide WHAT should be out and on display for prospective buyers. If you have a refrigerator that is stock full of stuff like a bulletin board or heaped with papers. Even if you have books in your kitchen, you may be comfortable with it, odds are pretty good that a prospective buyer may feel it looks like a mess.

What we suggest:
Reduce the “Cluttered” to “Cleared”
Organize the any Bulletin Board or papers laying around.
The Planning Desk will always be more inviting with minimal items that are orderly.

Start from the Top!

No one wants to clean the same area more than once if they don’t have to. Let’s take a tip from professional cleaners: Start Cleaning at the Top!

That could mean the ceiling, or light fixtures. Check the ceiling around these fixtures as well as the upper corners of the room for cobwebs. If your room has shelves or tall cabinets, working with a vacuum first to remove anything that’s settled will help to make the rest of the job easier. Continue your cleaning process working on higher surfaces before lower.

Your Kitchen can sell your lake superior real estate!

It’s true that the kitchen is a true focal point for many home buyers. Even if your kitchen isn’t brand new  or if it shows some wear, that can be okay! As long as you keep it clean and neat, you can still keep your own unique features as long as they are buyer friendly. Like a coffee corner, for example.

Be sure to treat any wood cabinets and doors like furniture. Make sure you wipe and polish these fixtures with your preferred polish. Don’t forget that scents can be an important trigger point for many people, use them sparingly so the buyer isn’t overwhelmed by cleaning product odors.

Stainless Steel appliances are very popular and buyers definitely like to see them in your home! However, if you have then you know one challenge is fingerprints. These surfaces can show them like you would not believe! Don’t fret! There are a plethora of products on the market to clean and prepare these surfaces.

Sinks tend to get a lot of use, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher! Keep these areas free of debris, also wipe them down while still wet, in order to help remove water stains. Whether your sink is stainless or ceramic, be sure to use an appropriate cleaning solution!

Anytime, we here at The Lake Superior Real Estate Team would be more than pleased to help you sell your current home or buy your next one!
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