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Real Estate Open House Myths

One of the most controversial topics in the real estate industry are open houses.  If you ask 10 real estate agents their thoughts on open houses, you’re likely to get 10 different opinions.  The same can be said about asking home buyers and sellers about their opinions on open houses in real estate. If you’re thinking about selling a home, it’s critical that you know whether open houses are going to be a part of your strategy.

Myth #1 – They’re Necessary To Sell A Home

There are some home sellers who believe that open houses must be hosted in order for their home to sell.  This is one of the most common open house myths, in fact, the number of homes that sell as a direct result of an open house is very small.  There are dozens of other effective real estate marketing strategies that agents use to sell homes than using open houses.

If open houses no longer existed, the number of homes sold wouldn’t change.  A serious buyer will make time in their schedule to visit a home they potentially want to buy, bottom line.

Myth #2 – All Realtors Host Open Houses

Open House Myth – ALL Realtors Host Open Houses! All Realtors host open houses, it’s part of their job, right?  Wrong! Each and every real estate agent runs their business differently, ranging from the way they market their clients homes to how they market themselves.  One of the most important interview questions to ask Realtors when selling a home is what their stance is on open houses. A confident agent should have no issue explaining what their stance is on open houses and also provide reasons for their stance.



A listing agents job is not to be a tour guide for strangers walking through an open house.  Representing the best interest of a seller is making sure that they’re aware of these common open house myths and letting them decide if they believe having an open house would be beneficial. If you would like to talk about our stance on open houses, and the best strategies for selling your home give Lake Superior Real Estate a call today!