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Clean Up For Summer!

As the temperatures continue to heat up this summer and many people are busy enjoying summertime vacations, it’s important that homeowners don’t neglect their homes. Whether you’re thinking about selling a home during the summertime or not, it’s vital to your homes “health” that you complete certain tasks during the summer months. By completing the following summer home maintenance tasks, you greatly increase the chances that you’ll have costly issues arise around your home.

Wash Windows

The first summer home maintenance task is to wash the exterior windows of your home.  Depending on the type of home, you may find that some of the windows can be difficult to access. When you’re washing the exterior windows of your home, the basic tools you’ll need include a ladder, access to an active hose, a rubber bladed squeegee, and some type of window cleaning product.

Clean Window Screens

As you’re completing the first summer home maintenance task, washing the windows, another task to complete is cleaning and inspecting the screens. One clear sign of a neglected home are ripped and dirty screens! If you have ripped window screens, there’s a good chance that there is a local hardware store in your area that can repair them inexpensively. One tip for cleaning window screens that have dust and a small amount of dirt on them is to use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Inspect Ceiling Fans

Many homeowners aren’t aware that ceiling fans can be set to spin in different directions, depending on the time of year.  Who knew?! During the summertime your homes ceiling fans should run in a counter-clockwise direction which forces air downwards creating a cooling effect. An easy, but important, summer home maintenance task to add to your checklist is to inspect and clean your ceiling fans. Each fan is different, but most ceiling fans have a visible switch that changes the direction in which the fan rotates.  First and foremost, ensure your fan is running in a counter-clockwise direction for the summer.


Summer home maintenance is important and should not be forgotten, even though summers are typically a time for relaxation and vacations. If you are preparing to sell your home this summer give Lake Superior Real Estate Team a call! We would love to assist you!