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4930 West Arrowhead Road

Own a piece of Hermantown History….. The Jackson Homes Project was part of the New Deal Program headed up by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The 2 story homes were built in eight styles from 1936-1938 with the idea to give…

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My Home Won’t Sell! Why?! Part II

Are you having difficulty selling a home in Duluth, MN?  If so, there’s a strong probability that one (or more) of the below reasons is why your home isn’t selling.  If you’d like to discuss your home sale with a…

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My Home Won’t Sell! Why?! Part I

Once a homeowner decides that it’s the right time to sell their home, they want exactly that, to sell their home.  Every home sellers worst nightmare is that their home doesn’t sell and it becomes an expired real estate listing. Before…

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Relocating? Why you’ll love it!

Community – A Great Reason To Move To Duluth, MN! One thing about Duluth that is great is that it has a feel of a small town in a large city.  It is a city where you it’s likely to have…

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Now is the Time to Invest in Real Estate

Plain and simple: Investing is how you become wealthy. But what is the best “job” for your dollars? How can your money earn the most and offer the least risk? In my opinion, one investment stands head and shoulders above…

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Considering Renting Your Home? What Makes a Good Tenant?

The most important decision you make that will determine the success or failure of your rental is the person you put in the property. A bad tenant can potentially cause years of stress, headache, and financial loss, while a great tenant can provide years…

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